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Top to bottom Investment Projects
Beneficiary name: 5TH AVENUE HOLDING S.A.

Project name: “Advanced B2B system for realization of complex investments processes (commercial surfaces construction) and management of commercial real estates”.

Grant amount: 815 500,00 PLN

Value of the project: 1 165 000,00 PLN

Project period: from: od 01.01.2015 r. do 31.12.2015 r.

Project co-financed by European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

In connection with the implementation of the Project “Advanced B2B system for the implementation of integrated investment processes (building of commercial areas) and for the management of commercial real properties” as part of the Innovative Economy operational programme, measure 8.2, the B2B system has been created and implemented. The most important benefit will be optimising the processes implemented by enterprises cooperating with the Company in terms of carried out projects of construction and management of commercial real properties.

Professional Management
5th Avenue Holding
The investment projects
We implement our own, integrated investment projects, both in the sector of commercial facilities: offices, hotels, but also in multifamily housing construction sector.
Diversification of sources of revenue
The company implements the strategy of systematic increase of the scope of investments in various sectors of commercial real properties.
Diversification of real property offer
The wide offer of the Company meets the needs and expectations of investors in terms of safety of investments through their diversification.
High rates of return
5th Avenue Holding implements only projects that generate high rates of return.
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5th Avenue Holding S.A. is a dynamic company that undertakes ambitious projects in the real estate sector. For Investors we offer portfolio that can generate stable profits. Please contact us.