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5th Avenue Holding S.A. is a steady and safely growing Capital Group. Its activity in the real estate market began in 2009 and focuses on investments with undisputable locations in main Polish cities and with a decent rate of return. The experience and the acquired know-how translated into significant success of the Company being capable to realize projects and improve its financial standing in time, regardless of the actual macroeconomic situation. A carefully chosen and professionally managed asset portfolio of projects of 5th Avenue Holding S.A. is the foundation of a substantial profit for the Company and for the Investors.

The Company implements the strategy of systematic increase of the scope of investments in various sectors of rentable commercial properties, which gives stability in periods of possible economic slowdown. The strategy works well also in the vice-versa model. At the same time, the experience gained while carrying out projects of different types is the main competitive advantage of the Company comparing to entities involved only in one segment of buildings.

5th Avenue Holding S.A. implements investment projects in their entirety ie. from selecting the land, conducting due-diligence, designing the building, working with general contractors and selling or commercializing particular units in the buildings. Above mentioned activity is conducted both in the sector of commercial facilities: office spaces for small and large companies, hospitality – economic 3-stars, as well as 4-star hotels for a more demanding clientele, student and senior housing, and also in the multifamily residential housing sector.

In its investments the Company focuses on carefully thought-out, diligently developed projects. The Company cares for high standard of performance and attention to architectural detail. There is a focus on unique and The activity of 5th Avenue Holding S.A. ensures also the highest quality of partners and co-operators. The essential issue in the planning process towards successful implementation of the Company’s undertakings, is proper selection of architects/designers, general contractors, and banks providing funds for the building stage. Our capital and debt investors are equipped with reliable information on a constant basis and we work with an open-book principle and maintain full transparency of each business process.

Thanks to its activity, the Company, for several years has become an important partner for domestic and international partners searching for quality and professional services in the real estate market.




We carry out comprehensive investment projects in both commercial real estate sectors: office and hotel buildings, as well as multi-family housing construction.


The company implements a strategy of systematically increasing the scope of investments in various commercial real estate sectors.


The company's wide range of offerings responds to investors' needs and expectations regarding investment security through diversification of building type, standard, and location.



5th Avenue Holding S.A. is a dynamically developing group with ambitious investment projects in the real estate sector. An attractive offer has been prepared for investors to help achieve stable profits.
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