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Complex inwestments projects

5th Avenue Holding is meeting place for people seeking challenges. We avoid the routine and the mundane. Daily patterns and routine are strangers to us. We offer an ideal environment for those who are open to change and enjoy problem solving in a creative manner. We seek involved professionals and ambitious students who seek satisfaction in their work and are capable of jointly realizing projects with passion. Recruitment processes are undertake by publication of internet advertisements.

For students
5th Avenue Holding
We invite students of Year V of construction
and similar fields, who seek to:

  • merge their knowledge with practical field training
  • verify their abilities in the field
  • become acquainted with the rules of the real estate market
  • closely observe decision making processes
  • directly participate in the implementation of interesting projects during different phases of the investment process

For the best, internships may be the first step to join our team.
Job offers
5th Avenue Holding
Currently no offers. Come back soon.

Send your CV to the email address: office@5avenueholding.com
writing in the title: Application.

Professional Management
5th Avenue Holding
The investment projects
We implement our own, integrated investment projects, both in the sector of commercial facilities: offices, hotels, but also in multifamily housing construction sector.
Diversification of sources of revenue
The company implements the strategy of systematic increase of the scope of investments in various sectors of commercial real properties.
Diversification of real property offer
The wide offer of the Company meets the needs and expectations of investors in terms of safety of investments through their diversification.
High rates of return
5th Avenue Holding implements only projects that generate high rates of return.
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5th Avenue Holding

5th Avenue Holding S.A. is a dynamic company that undertakes ambitious projects in the real estate sector. For Investors we offer portfolio that can generate stable profits. Please contact us.